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Located just behind Carrabba’s Italian Grill on US 19 N in Palm Harbor, RCI Flooring has been serving homeowners and business owners in Palm Harbor and the surrounding area for over eleven years with superb customer service and quality product lines. Continuing to grow stronger every year -  RCI Flooring has the range of quality products and the superior customer service that you want, plus the knowledge to help you find what you need when deciding on new flooring. 

Chris and his wife Laura opened RCI Flooring with the goal to serve customers who also are their neighbors and community members with the best flooring company in the area. Chris and Laura strive to make RCI Flooring exceptional in every way, from the extraordinary selection of quality products they offer to the expert help they provide in choosing the best floor for each customer. They ask the right questions and listen in order to find the best flooring, and at times it ends up being something other than what the customer originally had in mind. In addition to working step by step with each customer to meet their individual needs, the RCI Flooring team works seamlessly together throughout the project - from the beginning stages of design to installation and clean-up!

Local resident and RCI Flooring customer Cheryl says, “I can not express to everyone how pleased we are with this company. Everyone involved from the beginning to the end of our installation project are definitely working as a team and they aim to please. Just moving to Florida,and having problems with other companies, we can honestly say this family run business is a five star. Special thanks to Chris and Michael - they are one of a kind!”

Flooring Choices for Everyone - From Business to Home Life!

Chris helps customers find flooring options that fit their personal needs as a home or business owner, whether that means durable flooring for high volume traffic areas, pet resistant flooring, luxury flooring or the floor that perfectly fits your unique aesthetic style. Whether you are interested in purchasing hardwood, wood laminate, tile or carpet for your floors, RCI Flooring carries top-of-the-line products from well-respected manufacturers in the industry at very competitive prices and most of the flooring is manufactured in the USA.

Chris recently began carrying a new brand of family, pet and life wear and tear resistant flooring - Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).  Chris is excited about this new product because it is not only durable and functional for families - it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

“The first in a long list of benefits of LVT / LVP (Tile or Plank) is that it’s beautiful. With a new process called 'photogravure', LVT/LVP is designed to look and feel like hardwood.  This process is precise in reproducing grains and textures of wood, and provides smooth and hand scraped finish options, as well as some stone and tile looks,” says Chris. “Perhaps the most important benefit of LVT / LVP is that it is designed to resist scratching and does not warp, swell or disintegrate when wet.  LVT / LVP is waterproof whereas wood and laminate are not. Furthermore, wood and laminate can warp just with the slightest presence of moisture (and once it’s warped it can’t be fixed).  Additionally, in comparison, LVT / LVP cannot delaminate from cleaning or wear. In fact, LVT / LVP may be overqualified for residential use as it was made to handle commercial wear and tear. For busy homes with lots of traffic, children or pets, these product are ideal!”

Another convenience of LVT/LVP is that is can be installed over existing flooring - making your floor rehab project that much easier.  LVT / LVP is less noisy - it offer the best noise absorption of hard surface flooring. This new product also meets safety requirements for slip resistance,  flammability and many other safety codes. LVT/LVP has no off-gassing because unlike composite wood, hardwood plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard there are no formaldehyde emissions, which  makes it safer for you, pets and your family’s health!   

A Showroom to Inspire You With A Supreme Customer Service Team!

RCI Flooring’s beautiful 3,000- square-foot showroom features large sections of varying floor materials laid in a pattern that allows the customer to see, feel and walk on the flooring choices – much preferable to the small six-inch-square sample that many larger stores have.

There are so many choices for flooring that it can be an overwhelming choice, but that is where RCI helps. “We are not salespeople, we are educators and we want to guide them to the right products.”

RCI Flooring offers many American-made and European-made products with flooring choices for every budget. Affordable doesn’t have to mean poorly constructed and Chris only carries products that he knows he can stand behind.

Chris wants what is best for his customers, and they appreciate the exceptional service and his honesty. “We’re not a big box store, but no one can offer the quality that we do. I don’t pretend to be the cheapest guy in town because we are about quality and competitiveness. That’s what defines us and separates us from the rest.”

Happy customer Steve says, “We were amazed with how great of an experience we had with the RCI team. The installers were very professional and extremely detail oriented. Even after spending 10+ hours on the job on a Saturday, they didn't try to cut corners, they made sure every transition was perfect, removed some creakiness the builder had yet to resolve after several attempts, and the floors were spotless when they left, we had zero cleanup afterwards which was a complete surprise as we've heard horror stories of installs from bigger companies leaving so much glue residue the floors needed to be professionally cleaned afterwards. Glad to see there are still companies that still have pride in workmanship, will definitely use again!”

From selection to installation, customers are assured of quality. All of the installations done by RCI Flooring are guaranteed to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. RCI provides a job completion form that every customer signs before they pay. You are not just hiring a company to complete your flooring needs; you are hiring a family team that ensures your happiness each step of the way. Working one-on-one with clients is a big part of the job and Chris is available to customers and visits the job sites. All floors come with a transferable lifetime guarantee. The company’s lifetime guarantee has no small print, just one page simply stating their promise to provide a quality product and service to customers._

For anyone interested in new floors, RCI offers free consultations with no obligation.

You can expect to be impressed with top quality and craftsmanship all the way across the board when working with RCI Flooring.

RCI Flooring is located in Palm Harbor at 33937 US Hwy 19 in the Sable Ridge Plaza at the corner of US 19 and Nebraska in Palm Harbor (behind Carrabba’s). The showroom is open Mon. – Sat., 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m. and closed on Sun.

For more information, call 727- 786-7291. The website is currently being updated to be even more convenient to customers by allowing for online purchasing_.


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