Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Serves The Community With A New, Bigger and More Convenient Location!

Published on 18 October 2017 in Business
Katie Cammardella (author)

Katie Cammardella

Dr. McCaslin and The Staff at Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Dr. McCaslin and The Staff at Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

With a new and bigger location in East Lake, on Ridgeline Blvd., Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is now able to meet the needs of our growing community more efficiently and with ease. Leading the way in innovation, professional care and family oral health in the dental profession -  Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry sets the bar high for dental services with their bigger office, professional team and the convenience of extended evening and Saturday hours. Pair all of that with the new dental technologies that Lyndsay H. McCaslin, DMD continues to provide to her patients, and it is an easy choice to turn to Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for optimal oral health.

Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Palm Harbor opened the doors to their newest location this past July in order to better service East Lake and surrounding areas with exceptional dental care. Lyndsay McCaslin, DMD who focuses on a family atmosphere at her practice says, “I’m blessed to have my team members. I don’t think I could get a better team. We’ve grown but everyone is so good at their jobs that the transition has been easy.”

Dr. McCaslin’s first dental practice opened in New Port Richey in May of 2006 and in 2011 she expanded to open Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Palm Harbor. She has shown leadership in and out of the dental community. Word-of-mouth about a great dentist helped to build a growing calendar of happy patients, which has kept Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry expanding. Dr. McCaslin has gracefully met the needs of a growing clientele by adding more dental hygienists to her team and opening her new location at  Ridgeline Blvd. (near East Lake High School), only a few miles from its first location on Ridgemoor Blvd.  

You will find that Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is a welcoming and refreshing practice with all the comforts that you could ask for from your dentist and Dr. McCaslin and her staff are welcoming, kind and competitive in their field – you are in good hands here.

Dr. McCaslin

Dr. McCaslin

Patient Ashely says, “I have to say I enjoy going to the dentist...well this Dentist! Love the new office! It's beautiful. Dr. McCaslin did such a great job decorating. Also, I had a filling today, took an extra fifteen minutes after my awesome cleaning by Kara, and the filling was pain free and no numbing. Every time I have an appointment it is always so pleasant. Love this place and all her employees!”

Another happy patient says, “This dentist is the one you are looking for. I went to about 4 other local dentist before finding Dr McCaslin. Other dentist were adding on "needed services" using scare tactics costing me hundreds of dollars even with insurance. I found this dentist to be forthright and honest with her evaluations. Her staff is amazing from the receptionist to the hygienist. Every hygienist I have seen has been extra careful and very considerate to any discomfort. I recommend them to everyone I know.”

Advanced Dental Technologies Make Expressions Cosmetic Dentistry a Leader in Dental Services!

Dr. McCaslin believes that our mouths are the gateway to the body – meaning a healthy mouth is directly relative to a healthy body. Dr. McCaslin’s work over the past eleven years has opened her eyes to the major transformations taking place in dentistry. 

“Everyday dentistry is no longer about grinding teeth,” says Dr. McCaslin. “We are taking our ability to look at the mouth, head and neck, to apply it to health issues that may arise in the future or may already pre-exist. The integration of new technologies into dental practices allows us as dentists to get more involved in the medical side of oral health.”

Dr. McCaslin’s practice, Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has always been on the upside of advanced dental technologies. As a young professional dentist, Dr. McCaslin is dedicated to bringing the most innovative technology to her office for complete patient health. Her excitement and enthusiasm is palpable, as she talks about the recent advances in dental technologies.

Dr. McCaslin was the first dentist in the Tampa Bay Area to get the Omnicam, an amazing technology that has been in the making for over 25 years. Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry started putting the CEREC Omnicam to use in 2012 to scan teeth for precise 3D images in natural color, which allows for measurements for fitting crowns, bridges and implant restorations. The CEREC 3D scanning technology has virtually eliminated the need for temporary crowns because of its exceptional precision.

 Dr. McCaslin has also introduced the GALILEOS 3D Scanner to both her practices. “This is where dentistry is headed,” says Dr. McCaslin about the GALILEOS 3D Scanner. “Now we have the ability to look at a person’s true skull. We can see past dental work, root canals, bony structures of the jawbone, the actual tooth on a 3D plane and nerves along the jawbone, which is where cancers can metastasize, along with clues of other underlying health issues that may not be symptomatic. GALILEOS will allow better integration between doctors and dentists.”

The GALILEOS 3D Scanner is manufactured by the same company that allows for same-day crowns to be made. The future of dentistry is focused on efficient service that can diagnose and treat current problems, as well as foresee those that may occur in the near future. This new type of dentistry has just begun to break into the possibilities of 3D imaging and scanning for optimal oral care and its relation to overall body health.

“We are seeing things we have never seen before,” says Dr. McCaslin. “I have seen so much in the past eleven years; I can only imagine what will happen in the next eleven! This technology allows us to get more of an inkling of what is going on with the mouth and body as a whole. Since the GALILEOS allows us to look at the neck and head in 3-D, we have been able to better see inflammations in bone directly and indirectly related to gum disease, jaw structure related to TMJ, and even whether someone’s throat is wide enough for proper breathing during sleep...this kind of technology is opening a new window for dentists and our patients.”

Working with new patients, with and without insurance, to provide quality and affordable care, Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry strives to be the best dental office you’ve ever been to. Dr. McCaslin and her staff are ready to welcome you. Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry accepts all major insurances to cover a wider market and to be as accessible as possible to patients.

Expressions Cosmetic & Family Dentistry’s new office is located at  3007 Ridgeline Blvd Suite A, in Tarpon Springs. For additional information, log on or and you may call the office at (727) 78-SMILE or (727) 787-6453._


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