Ahimsalon - A Holistic Approach to Hair Care

Published on 30 November -1 in Business
Carla Selby (author)

Carla Selby

Nicole Mirabelli

Nicole Mirabelli

For many of us, hair care and styling products are significant components of our daily routine. They’re like old friends, always there to take care of us. On most days, the process of getting ready is a great way to re-center, celebrate beauty, and kick-start our mornings. 

Holistic self-care involves treating our bodies, people, and the earth well. Ahimsalon blends the Buddhist Yama ‘Ahimsa’, which in essence is the concept of non-violence towards all livings beings, with the ideology of the traditional beauty salon. 

I personally believe it’s important to avoid harmful chemicals and to support cruelty-free, sustainability-promoting brands, which can be more challenging than you may think. So many hair products in the market today are loaded with harsh chemicals that often do  your hair and scalp more harm than good.

At Ahimsalon all products they use are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and sustainably-sourced. So you can rest assured that “no bunny” was ever harmed in order for you have a healthy scalp full of luscious silky-smooth hair. 

Another thing that makes Ahimsalon particularly special is that 10 percent of all profits are donated monthly to animal welfare and animal rights organizations. Further information about which organizations the money goes to can be found on Ahimsalon Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/ahimsalon/ at the beginning of every month.

Ahimsalon owner and lead stylist, Nicole Mirabelli, has been styling hair for twelve years. Her favorite services to provide include haircuts and scalp treatments. Additionally, she is certified in Oway hair color, dreadlock installation and maintenance, and hair extensions. She is constantly enrolling in classes where she is able to learn new services and techniques. 

At Ahimsalon you will be in the hands of truly caring and experienced hair professionals, while supporting a beautiful cause and staying true to your values. 

Schedule your appointment at Ahimsalon today, and leave feeling beautiful inside and out! 

Ahimsalon is located at 96 Terrace Road, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689. 

Visit http://www.ahimsalon.com/ for more information or call Nicole directly at 727-452-7475. 

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