The Property Doctors Transform Homes from Drab to Fab! It’s Time for the Home of Your Dreams!

Published on 21 September 2017 in Business
Katie Cammardella (author)

Katie Cammardella


The Property Doctors of Tampa combine master craftsmanship with artistic design to bring homes up to date with modern renovations that create space and movement in a beautiful, yet functional manner. Whether you are rehabbing a distressed property, want to add functionality to your living space, update your kitchen/bath or need help restoring your historic home to its original lustre - The Property Doctors provide the know-how, expertise and passion to help you complete any project.

Local, licensed and insured - The Property Doctors is a residential contracting company owned and operated by dynamic husband and wife team - Jeff Mullins and Libba Phillips Mullins. The couple combines their expertise in contracting and design to help you create the home of your dreams. Their ability to take a vision and make it a reality while keeping in mind the delicate balance between vision and budget is outstanding. Jeff and Libba can help to guide clients throughout the renovation and design process while considering cost, time and design, which helps their clients feel confident with their choices in the long run!

Recent clients, The Smiths say, “When we first met with The Property Doctors team my husband had his ideas and I had mine. Jeff listened, asked questions, and made suggestions.  It was amazing how he was able to come up with better ideas and a vision that satisfied both of us! Jeff is not just a professional, qualified Contractor, he is also a true Artist. His organized team and their attention to detail was impressive and appreciated. They also only used top quality materials.  And the final product was 100% better than we expected! Thank you Property Doctors for making our dream come true!"

Jeff Mullins (#CRC1330824) has more than 27 years of residential and commercial contracting experience under his tool belt with nine years experience in Florida. Jeff if a true craftsman; from distressed properties and historic homes to modern homes, Jeff has worked on all types of residences. He has worked on everything from luxury mansions to historic craftsmen homes from Charleston to St. Petersburg. He’s built in London, England, Atlanta, Charleston and the Tampa Bay area to provide his clients with the home of their dreams. Anything but cookie-cutter - Jeff’s building style paired with Libba’s design expertise provide a seamless integration of traditional and classic beauty with the convenience of modern functionality.

 Libba brings her designer eye to the team; she has a keen ability to see your vision for your space and with Jeff’s contracting abilities, they make a dream team for remodeling and home design. Libba’s passion for creating spaces that feel just as good as they look brings a wealth of creativity, knowledge and talent to The Property Doctors. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1990, and her fine art photographs have been featured in various galleries and publications across the United States. Libba is considered a Feng Shui guru by her clients and her understanding of lighting techniques, furniture placement and decor makes all the difference in the transformation of your home. Libba simply helps you use the space you have in the best way possible, creating an environment that is spacious, functional and peaceful.

“From custom kitchens to complete makeovers, the options we offer are endless. We want people to feel good in their homes and feel good about their investments. We take out the guess work. Many of our clients have an idea of what they want or may have seen an idea on television they want to create - we come in and educate them on how to achieve their vision” says Libba. “We help someone understand the why and how it will benefit them, if it’s within their budget, how long it will take and then we make a plan that will benefit them with their investment for the long term. We make a blueprint, help with budget, show what's practical, and make sure that you are spending dollars in the right place. Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever own, so you might as well love it and make sure you’re doing the right things to receive a great return on investment if you ever decide to sell.” 





Beauty and Functionality for a Complete Transformation!

When working with Jeff and Libba you will see that functionality is their very first priority. They will ask you how you are going to use the space, how long will you be there, what your lifestyle is like, etc. Sometimes after a consultation with The Property Doctors you might realize that it makes more sense to invest your dollars in one place than in others, which is truly priceless because you are saving time and money! 

Recently the couple worked with a family that bought a distressed property in Tarpon Springs and helped them turn it into a dream home. Libba says, “The house had great bones with a beautiful view of the water, but was very outdated. We went out to get an idea of the space and gave them some ideas. The couple ended up giving us full control of the renovation process. It was so rewarding to finish their home and hear that they were 100% satisfied. Jeff and I thrive as a team together and to have our clients express their satisfaction with a completed job is one of the best feelings!” 

Happy clients from East Lake say, “The Property Doctors helped us achieve a total transformation of our 1990’s dated home and turned it into an updated space with a bright open floor plan. Jeff offered us great ideas (with graphics), reconfigured our main living areas by taking down walls and implementing a better flow, and even created a custom design to highlight our fireplace. We couldn’t be happier with our ‘new’ home!” 

Investment Properties and Fixer-Uppers Become Modern with a Classic Finish!

Many people consider buying a “fixer upper” but don’t know what it will really cost to make it the home of their dreams. The Property Doctors can provide you with an investment property assessment that will help you create a vision (and a realistic budget) to make your investment worth it. In addition to fixer-uppers - The Property Doctors excel in renovating historic homes. Jeff and Libba are able to help you maintain the historic integrity and character of the home, while outfitting it with modern amenities.

The Property Doctors provide all the bells and whistles! From finishes, to textures, they use materials that will last. From the crown molding to floors - you can rest assured that only quality products will be used. “We stand behind our work. We want people to be happy with their investment and five or ten years down the road still love it. We feel really strongly about maintaining the integrity of a home, while creating functional and useable space”, says Libba. “We work with other professionals, designers and architects - so if you have someone in mind, let us know. We understand that it takes a certain collaboration to make things perfect!”

The Property Doctors shared passion for creating unique spaces, custom kitchens, customized additions and total transformation projects paired with their excellent work ethic and knowledge make them the most sought after home experts in the Tampa Bay area. If you’re looking to update your home, create your dream home or get advice on investment properties - call The Property Doctors today at (727) 639-3089, or log on to

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