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“I want people to know that we’re here to help everyone, we do sincerely care about our customers, and that no job is too small,” said Bob Dalles, president. (Bob The Computer Guy & Associates Inc./Nicole Dalles)

“I want people to know that we’re here to help everyone, we do sincerely care about our customers, and that no job is too small,” said Bob Dalles, president. (Bob The Computer Guy & Associates Inc./Nicole Dalles)

Most of us depend on computers and other IT devices every day.  Occasionally these devices act quirky, slow down or completely breakdown.  When this happens we need someone to quickly help us get back up and running.  Someone to give us reliable and courteous service; someone who will explain the problem without confusing “technical jargon.”  Most of all, we need someone we can trust who will give us an honest assessment of our situation and charge a fair price to fix it. 

“I understand how stressful it is when the technology our customers rely on does not work,” said Bob Dalles, president of Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc., a full-service computer and IT company dedicated to providing you with only the finest Computer and Information Technology Services available.  “I recognize the additional stress and inconvenience of having to disconnect the computer (or other device), drag it into a repair shop, and then wait days or weeks to get it back.  We make our customers’ repair process effortless because we come to their location and perform our computer repairs on-site.  It’s a major convenience that our customers love.  They schedule a time for us to come to their home or office, and when we leave their problem is solved and their computers are fixed.”

Dalles has been involved with computers since the late 1970s.  In 1995 he started his own computer business.  In addition, he is approaching his tenth year as a Computer and Information Technology Instructor for a well-known Technical College.  He also writes a regular technology column entitled “Tech Talk” where he shares information from his decades of experience working with technology.  “I am pleased that I have received very positive feedback on the column and am glad it serves the readers well,” said Dalles.

 Dalles’s company serves hundreds of customers in the Tampa Bay area.  Many are businesses but the rest are home users.  “We especially enjoy working with individuals in their homes,” Dalles said.  “They need tech help too, and are not always sure where to find service performed by professionally certified technicians who they can trust.  I feel that everyone needs and deserves access to professional quality computer help, but they don’t always know where to find it.  It’s not uncommon for us to hear new customers tell us that they did not even know companies like ours existed; and that they’re so glad they found us.” 

“We treat every customer like a friend and every computer as if it were our own,” said Dalles, “I take great pride in the high level of service my company provides.  I personally hand pick each Associate-Technician to make sure that they not only know their craft, but also provide top-notch customer service.  I want my customers happy and extremely satisfied.  I won’t settle for less.”

“One of the additional features that our customers appreciate is the flexibility in scheduling your appointment,” says Dalles.  “We’re not just a 9am to 5pm operation.  One of the great benefits of working with us is that you and the Associate-Technician set your appointment for a time that works best for you; day or night, weekday or weekend.  You are in control.”

Associate-Technician Christian, is very popular with senior citizens.  “There are a lot of tech savvy seniors who rely on their computers every day.  Some have commented to me that they really value the way Christian takes his time to explain the repair to them, one customer even said she loves him,” Dalles said.

“A unique service I have offered for many years is a Pre-Purchase Consultation,” says Dalles.  “Let’s say that you are looking to purchase a new laptop computer.  The technical information describing the computer in a store’s website or newspaper ad can be very confusing.  Many buyers can easily become overwhelmed by the different choices and prices offered by computer manufacturers.  More often than not, they ask a friend or rely on the recommendation of a sales person, or many times just buy what’s on sale.  The benefit of our Pre-Purchase Consultation allows us to meet with you in person, assess your needs, and help you make the purchase decision that best suits your situation.  I want to help the customer make an informed decision before they spend their hard-earned money.  For example, one of the most common issues we’ve run across is that a person buys a new computer.  While they are setting it up they find out that the new software that runs the computer will not work with a printer they have owned for years.  Now they have a brand new computer, but it won’t work with their existing printer or scanner or some other device they need to use.  I often see this happen with certain software programs too.  Now the customer not only has to buy a new printer, but may also need to upgrade some computer software and they find themselves spending much more money than they had originally planned.  Our Pre-Purchase Consultation helps buyers avoid costly pitfalls and unwelcome surprises.  We can sit down with customers and browse websites with them to find the best fit.  I have even met customers at stores and helped them with buying decisions.  Providing a potential buyer with the information they need saves them time, money and a ton of stress.  Come on, buying a new piece of technology shouldn’t be a nightmare, it should be a fun and exciting experience!”

 “I’ve recently introduced a new service where we will dispose of your old computer safely and securely,” says Dalles.  “You just can’t throw away computers into the regular trash.  There are laws that dictate the proper disposal of substances found in computer components.  Plus, you want to make sure that your computer’s hard drive data files are completely purged to protect your privacy which helps minimize potential identity theft.  We can make this process easier for you.  We will pick up your computer, then once the data has been safely removed, your computer will be disposed of in a secure and environmentally safe manner.  We pride ourselves on customer convenience and creating personal relationships with our customers.  We want to help our customers in all aspects of their technological life from setting up their systems to disposing of them,” Dalles said.

Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. is an entirely mobile computer services company.  In addition to on-site troubleshooting and repairs, they offer setting up networks, printers, scanners, new computers and other tech devices; virus, spyware and other malware removal; securing your computer and network; transferring data between devices; system and data backups; personal tutoring; and more!  Whatever your needs, no job is too small. 

For honest, reliable service performed by professionally certified technicians at a fair price then you want Bob The Computer Guy & Associates, Inc. Call Now 727-534-4000.


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