Top Coat of Tampa Bay - So much more than just a great painting company

Published on 18 November 2017 in Business
Carla Selby (author)

Carla Selby


Owned and operated by business partners Jeff Mullins and Chris Wilson, Top Coat of Tampa Bay is so much more than just a great painting company. They are skilled in making homes beautiful.

Top Coat of Tampa Bay offers interior and exterior painting, siding and exterior trim, windows and doors, decks, and full exterior transformations. They are fully licensed to handle every aspect of your home’s renovation.

Top Coat of Tampa specializes in large and luxury homes, which is not something your small average painting company can tackle due to the many possible complications that this type of job involves. “Large and luxury homes are our specialty, which is not something a smaller painting company can tackle. Because of the difficulty with height and dynamics in the structures, which are common with larger homes, they often require heavy equipment to access much of the painting work. We have the experience in working with the extraordinary demands these types of Home require,” says Jeff. “Top Coat is well prepared to satisfy these types of  project along side all other residential home painting.”

Jeff shared with me a little on how the businesses first started, he says “The company started as a natural collaboration as a result of 'The Property Doctors' working together with so many great construction tradesmen and women in the area, namely working with Chris Wilson, on numerous home exterior projects over the course of 9 years.”

Over the years and hundreds of projects, Jeff and Chris started to take notice that on exterior painting projects 9 times out of 10, the painting required multiple trades: carpentry, stucco and siding repair, window and door replacement. Often times there was even structural damage due to failed siding, woodwork and weather sealants. “We saw a need and we are filling it,” says Jeff. “We are licensed, insured, highly skilled and knowledgeable to provide a customer every aspect of making their home hurricane ready, repaired the correct way, and of course 'Top Coated with an extremely high quality paint job.”

Using only the highest quality products for your home or business, Top Coat of Tampa employs proven installation and application methods that are code compliant, topped with a license, insurance, and a league of professionals that will take care of every aspect of your home and business under one roof. “We just made it easy on home owners that simply wanted a great paint job but needed much more,” Jeff adds.

With Chris's background in engineering, cad drafting, and a vast knowledge in home remodeling, and Jeff's twenty five years of experience in all things construction, they became an unstoppable team and currently, equal business owners of Top Coat of Tampa. Their combined experience spans 40 years.

Jeff started as a construction clean up guy at 15 years old. “I cleaned in and around new construction homes to ready them for landscaping and interior finishes. This was all I could do due to the liability of the builder. I watched and learned while  navigating my way to becoming a house framer, finish carpenter, then on to all the finishing interior and exterior trades,” says Jeff. “This lead me to becoming a well rounded General Contractor that is all things construction.”

Chris started as a ASE master auto technician. He made a name for himself in the auto world and soon became a Master Technician with SCCA pro car racing circuit. With his natural and educated mind for engineering he soon took a position with a civil engineering firm spending the next 8 plus years designing and assisting residential and commercial building projects. Armed with the ends and outs of not only the components that make up structures but also the ends and outs of the legal requirements to build such projects. This of course led Chris to the many construction talents he poses today. Working with his hands comes natural, alongside with his abilities to understand the nuts and bolts of construction and much of the science that makes up the construction materials that TopCoat uses today. 

Both Jeff and Chris put equal amounts of energy and efforts in running their business operations, and they are extremely passionate about what they do. “One minute we are crunching numbers, meeting with customers, next minute we are assisting our amazing team members get projects completed to reach our commitments and deadlines. We joke that we might be the only business owners that have a ballpoint pin next to a China bristled paint brush in their briefcase. At the end of the day we constantly challenges ourself to master our business roles of the day like we have mastered our construction talents,” Jeff says.

Chris and Jeff really enjoy meeting new people, as well as educating and providing their amazing services to the North Pinellas community and surrounding areas. “Our passion is to bring our construction talents to home owners with a company vision that focuses on educating our customers first, assisting them in making the best decisions for their investment with their home,” says Jeff. “We want to make every project a great renovation experience for the home owner. Making their life easy while handling all the details. When we complete a project it's our goal to be remembered as a class act. A company you wouldn't hesitate to recommend to another homeowner.”

Top Coat of Tampa offers free quotes and estimates. As well as concept drawing services for a reasonable fee dictated by the project size. Contact Jeff or Chris today by calling them directly at 727-916-6100. Log on to to know more or to send them a message.

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