Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Published on 7 June 2017 in News
Kim Thomas (author)

Kim Thomas


East Lake Fire Rescue would like to share some tips to ensure that you are prepared for Hurricane Season. Here are some tips that residents are encouraged to follow:  

• Create a disaster plan before hurricane season begins

• Complete home improvements during the cooler days of the year

• Organize important papers so you can grab them quickly if necessary Prepare an Emergency Survival Kit

• Stay Kit: One-week supply of food that requires no cooking, drinking fluids, non-electric can opener, one gallon of water per person per day, cups, plates and plastic utensils, cooler and ice, pet food.

• First Aid Supplies: Bandages, gauze pads and tape, soap and anti-bacterial gel, scissors and tweezers, sunscreen, pain reliever and anti-itch cream

• Tools and Emergency Supplies: Flashlights, battery-operated radio, extra batteries, matches or lighter in water proof container, maps with shelter locations, shut-off wrench and other tools, paper and pencil and plastic sheeting and tarps.

• Sanitation: Portable toilet (5-gallon bucket, heavy trash bags, chlorine bleach) toilet paper and moist tissues, feminine supplies and personal hygiene items.

• Clothing and Bedding: One complete change of clothing and shoes per person, sturdy shoes or boots, rain gear, blankets and sleeping bags, sunglasses.

• Kids and Entertainment: Favorite nonperishable snack, powdered milk, favorite toy/stuffed animal, diapers and wipes, blanket and pacifier, board games, coloring books and colors, playing cards.

• Know Your Evacuation Zone

• Check out the following website:

Call Pinellas County Interactive Hurricane Evacuation Inquiry Line at 727-453-3150

• Check your county utility bills and the Truth in Millage (TRIM) sent by property appraiser, these will contain your evacuation zone. Please visit, check out East Lake Fire Rescue facebook page, or stop by Station 57 located at 3375 Tarpon Lake Boulevard in Palm Harbor to obtain more information on Hurricane Preparedness.

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