This Holiday Season Be Fabulous Yet Frugal by Shopping at Clothes Mentor!

Published on 13 December 2013 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl


Location(s): Clothes Mentor - Palm Harbor

Ladies, if you’re like me, and you want to have all of the latest brands and dip a toe into all of the latest trends, but don’t want to spend the money, then you’ve got to start shopping at Clothes Mentor in Palm Harbor. Located in the Fountains Plaza at 34888 US Hwy 19 N, right behind The Wing House, Clothes Mentor is a fashionista’s best-kept secret. At Clothes Mentor you can get all of the brands you love for less than even the discount stores!

Owned by husband and wife team Dick and Kathleen Murdock, the Clothes Mentor in Palm Harbor has seen a successful launch since they opened their doors in 2011. The Palm Harbor location is just one of 98 retail locations within 25 states. It is also one of the fastest growing stores in the country and it’s not hard to see why. When you step foot into the beautifully merchandised store, you’ll think you’ve just stepped into a high-end women’s boutique! Well, you have! Everything in the store is recent merchandise from some of the hottest brands on the market, from White House Black Market, BCBG and Ann Taylor to Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Coach, Brighton and more. Whether you’re looking for an LBD (little black dress) to wow them at your holiday party, or you want to rock the hottest jeans on the market, a girl can get an entire wardrobe of all of the hottest clothes at a fraction of the cost by shopping at Clothes Mentor.

Women come from all over the Tampa Bay Area not just for designer goods, but Clothes Mentor has all the popular brands together under one roof including favorites like the Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Express, Nine West, Vera Bradley, NY&CO, Chicos, Talbots and lesser known brands. It’s an exceptional assortment of choices not only of clothing but jewelry, shoes and accessories. They come to purchase the brands they love at reduced prices, sell their own items, and see the constantly changing inventory that makes Clothes Mentor so unique.

Dick says, “Clothes Mentor is retail therapy that women can afford. We offer a great selection for women size 0 to 3X. We have over 15,000 items in stock, and today we have 170 designer purses available to our customers.”

Dora, a customer who comes all the way from Tampa on a regular basis to shop, says, “I have been coming here regularly since the beginning of the summer because I love the boutique atmosphere and the attention that they give you. They have a lot of high-end items here that I love, and you cannot beat the prices.”

I Received Cash on the Spot!

While you can come to shop, come to sell or come to do both, the truth is, Clothes Mentor is the affordable designer boutique that it is because they only accept the finest merchandise. Unlike traditional consignment shops, Clothes Mentor will only take in freshly laundered, very gently worn merchandise of all popular brands and designers.

They don’t just take any old thing, which is good because that’s what keeps this store hopping with customers who can’t believe how they found a Calvin Klein sweater that still had its original tags on it for around $20, or a pair of brand name, kneehigh leather boots for half the price as the store down the street. It’s good that they are picky! It’s what makes the store such a fabulous place to shop!

Kathleen says, “There are thousands of items in our store that still have their original tags on them! That makes a great deal for you, and these items make great gifts for others as well!”

Another thing that makes Clothes Mentor so special is that they pay cash on the spot for the things that you probably still have hanging around in your closet. You know, those shoes that you thought you’d wear but never did, or the purse that you wore for a week before you went back to your old standby? How about the designer bag that your mother-in-law bought you? Gorgeous, but not for you? This is the place to turn the items from your closet that you’re not wearing, into the items that you’ve been longing for.

When I came into Clothes Mentor, I brought three bags of goodies from my closet. I brought mostly old purses and jackets from major brands. While I looked around the store and marveled at their selection of shoes, eveningwear, jeans and handbags, they inspected and input my items into their database. Clothes Mentor’s database can tell them how old an item actually is and what it’s worth, which takes all of the guesswork out of the equation! In fact, after just a few minutes they may know more about your clothing than you do! Did you know that designer labels change every few years, or even months? Some brands actually date stamp them! That’s just one of the ways that Clothes Mentor keeps their inventory fresh and at the top of its game.

While I shopped I was impressed to find that each item that I saw in their store looked brand new and, honestly, didn’t look like consignment clothing. While I was shopping I found an amazing new name-brand jacket and a large Steve Madden bag that still had its original paper stuffing and included its protective dustcover. I was really impressed with the prices, and while I shopped I saw brands items by all of my personal favorite brands, like Coach, Born, Cache and Lucky Brand.

After a few minutes, my name was on the board, which signaled that they were ready to discuss the items that I had brought in for consignment, and were ready to pay me cash on the spot! When all was said and done, I found that while Clothes Mentor took a small portion of my items, they paid very well for them! Their system insures that the items in their store are truly the highest quality. I was completely pleased with my experience, and in the end, I walked out with a brand new jacket and a new handbag that I could be proud of-paying only a dollar difference for what I brought in for trade. You can’t beat that! And, if they don’t accept your items for resale, they will donate them for you to one of the women’s charities they support.

Clothes Mentor purchases 1,500 items of merchandise a week from women like you and me, and the new inventory is placed on the floor immediately, which makes for a lot of variety! Some customers come in every day or two to see what’s changed!

Kathleen says, “We follow a strict authentication guideline within our company, so our customers can feel comfortable buying designer labels from us like Louis Vuitton, Coach, B. Makowsky, Prada, Dolche Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci, Dooney Bourke and others.”

Stay tuned to Clothes Mentor’s facebook page for all of the latest deals and specials, including their Hump Day Deals, their clearance schedule and many fun educational workshops that help women find their personal style!

Whether you’re looking to make a few bucks on the items that aren’t being worn in your closet, or you’re looking for a wonderful deal on the brands you love, put Clothes Mentor on your shopping list this season and look fabulous for less!

Clothes Mentor is located at 34888 U.S. 19 N in Palm Harbor, Florida. They are open Mon. – Fri., 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Sat. from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; and noon – 5 p.m. on Sun. For more information on Clothes Mentor, call 727-216- 6101, visit their website at or find them on facebook.

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