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Published on 8 November 2013 in Dining
Katie Thomas & Dara Tucker (author)

Katie Thomas & Dara Tucker


Location(s): Sugardarlings
Pauline’s Pretty in Pink

Pauline’s Pretty in Pink

Sugardarlings Cones & Cupcakes, home to the best tasting, freshest cupcakes in the Tampa Bay Area, is a sweet business that has taken flight over the past three years. At Sugardarlings, the ice cream is delicious, but the cupcakes are the talk of the town! With a new warehouse and three storefronts located in New Port Richey, Palm Harbor and Lutz, Sugardarlings is celebrating growth and success from humble beginnings. Tasty creations are made from scratch every morning by talented bakers and plenty of love is put into each and every delicious flavor. You could call Sugardarlings’ cupcakes “love muffins,” a perfect nickname for the perfectly moist, flavorful cupcakes that are made with tender loving care. The closest Sugardarlings shop to your neighborhood is located at 24832 State Road 54 in Lutz.

Jessica Beebe, owner and baker at Sugardarlings Cones and Cupcakes, opened her original store in Trinity, off Old CR 54 in February 2010. She opened her first store with goals insight to become a friendly and affordable, neighborhood ice cream parlor – Jessica never expected for her business to take off all because of a simple sweet treat, the mighty cupcake. Jessica originally intended for cupcakes to be a side item at her first storefront, she actually started making them in her toaster oven!

Within Jess’s first week of opening her doors, she sold over 300 cupcakes and immediately realized she would need a bigger oven to meet the demands of customers. At the time of opening Sugardarlings, Jess was working at Innisbrook Golf Resort in Tarpon Springs where she had been employed for over 13 years. Jess’s job primarily focused on food and beverage hospitality, a passion she has always possessed. Little did she realize, her attention would be needed at Sugardarlings full-time! Jess had no idea that within three years she would have three storefronts and a warehouse, all dedicated to providing handmade cupcakes to loyal fans of the original “love muffin.” An idea of a neighborhood ice cream shop turned into a local cupcake empire – sweet dreams are made of these!

The name Sugardarlings was inspired by Jess’s grandmother. She would always tell her grandchildren, “Come over her darling and get some sugar.” Jess’s mother reminded her of her grandmother’s saying and Jess began calling her own children her “sugardarlings.” When she decided to open up shop, she knew it was the perfect fit for her store, paying homage to her grandmother, mother, children and future sweet generations to come. Jess treats customers as if they are her own family and is happy to help out the local community in any way she can. Some might even say that the only thing sweeter than the Sugardarlings team, are the cupcakes and ice cream they serve!

On a busy day, Sugardarlings’ three locations sell more than 2,000 cupcakes! Known for their extravagant moistness and creamy fillings, Sugardarlings’ cupcakes are the perfect combination of sweet, savory delicious fun! Jess offers traditional flavors like Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodle, but she also incorporates specialty flavors that include Key Lime, Cannoli and Exotic Bliss (Jess’s favorite) which is filled with pineapple and cranberry topped off with hibiscus frosting! Jess has even gone as far as coming up with fabulous savory flavors that are perfect for dinner parties with friends; imagine how much fun it will be for guests to guess the unexpected flavors such as Sweet Corn and Pulled Pork, Spicy Chocolate, Maple Bacon or Wasabi cupcakes. Talk about an adventurous twist on the conventional styles! Many of Jess’s regulars comment that it is a blast to pair the savory cupcakes with beer and wine, making for a delicious and fun way to get the conversation started!

Sugardarlings Cones & Cupcakes always introduces new seasonal flavors during the holidays. This year’s fall flavors include Pumpkin, Caramel Apple, Sweet Potato Casserole and Pecan Pie! There truly is no easier or more delicious treat than a batch of Sugardarlings’ cupcakes to bring to a holiday party!

Pineapple Right Side Up

Pineapple Right Side Up

Sugardarlings’ cupcakes are made using quality and wholesome ingredients such as sweet cream butter, whole milk, whipping cream, fresh fruit juices and rich quality chocolates just to name a few. Each and every cupcake is made to make you smile with every bite! Jess is currently turning out gluten-free cupcakes for the gluten-sensitive and plans on transforming her Palm Harbor store location into a completely gluten-free cupcake haven!

Jess says, “I have been super blessed! To think, I started baking out of a toaster oven one pan at a time! I could not have grown my business without an amazing staff. Our Sugardarlings family is the backbone to our amazing business. I also thank my family so much for being so supportive. My girls have had to sacrifice a lot of time without mommy around and my amazing husband was always available, so I could focus and grow my business.”

Jess’s growth over the past three years has allowed her to accommodate large commercial orders; in order to do this efficiently, she opened a warehouse. The warehouse is over 3,000 square feet and will help alleviate space restraints in her other stores. The warehouse is designated for baking and storage for now, but Jess hopes to host tours, field trips and tastings! Sugardarlings’ new warehouse is centrally located to all three stores, in order to provide the ever fresh, made-daily cupcakes to each deserving customer! At this time, Sugardarlings’ cupcakes are served at a few specialty candy shops and several medical facilities in the area including several Morton Plant Mease locations, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center of Trinity.

Sugardarlings’ cupcakes can be bought in store for $2, add 25 cents extra for specialty flavors. Affordability is one of Jess’s baselines for her business. She truly wants everyone to enjoy a little taste of Sugardarlings heaven. Jess and her team make cupcakes for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, family get-togethers, you name it and there will be cupcakes! Sugardarlings has the ability to handle large corporate orders, school functions and basically any event where people want to be treated to a sweet treat!

Jess says, “There was no doubt in my mind that I would be successful because I firmly believe whatever you put your heart and soul into, you can make successful.” Lucky for us, Jess decided to put her heart and soul into the delicious and fabulous love muffins!

Sugardarlings in New Port Richey can be reached at (727) 376- 2253 and is located at 8511 Old C.R. 54; hours are Mon. – Sat., 11:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sugardarlings’ East Lake store can be reached at (727)-785-2253 and is located at 4966 Ridgemoor Blvd. in Palm Harbor; hours are 11:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. The newest location at 24832 S.R. 54 in Lutz is open 11:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Visit for more information. Make sure to like Sugardarlings on Facebook so you can get new flavor updates and any special offers in the store. If you are a business owner and would like to offer Sugardarlings’ cupcakes, give Jess a call or come by and taste some of her creations at one of the three locations.

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