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Published on 12 June 2015 in Business
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl

KleanSlate Cleaning Services

KleanSlate Cleaning Services

Imagine coming home to a squeaky-clean house and simply being able to jump into a weekend routine that doesn’t involve mopping floors, scrubbing the bathroom or even pressure washing the driveway. Yes, you too can get your weekend back! While many people view cleaning services as a luxury, at the end of the day there’s nothing more valuable than your time. KleanSlate Professional Cleaning Services is here to give local residents and business owners a competitively priced service that provides the opportunity for you to enjoy more of the moments that truly matter. So, create a lifestyle through peace of mind, and leave the cleaning duty to KleanSlate! 

Alan & Ana Woods

Alan & Ana Woods

KleanSlate is an independently owed local business, based in Trinity and operated by Ana and Alan Woods. Ana’s many years in the cleaning industry, combined with Alan’s unique business background in financial planning prompted them to create an upscale business that they’ve put their hearts into. Community is important to them as well, and they were recent sponsors in a local golf tournament fundraiser for a local Christian School. 
Since opening, KleanSlate has developed an amazing reputation for being thorough, professional and courteous. Setting the bar high for themselves, they value each customer and put a lot of time and effort into making sure that each client is comfortable and completely happy with their services. Additionally, what sets them apart is their willingness to personally customize each cleaning service and their dedication to completing each job properly. Instead of performing each appointment based on a rigid timeframe, they adhere to the principal that the only acceptable outcome is one that is thorough and complete, every time. As you can imagine, customers love their dedication and their customer-focused approach. 
Sam R. from Odessa said, “Our KleanSlate cleaning team is professional, always on time, and attentive to our requests. We’ve been happy with our service and cheerfully recommend them to others!” 
Alan says, “We are interested in having our clients for a long time, and our goal is to put one person on your account that you can trust, someone who will build a lasting relationship with your family and be someone that you can depend on. Consistently striving to be your ‘right arm’ when it comes to cleaning.” 

“When It Comes to Cleaning, Start Fresh with a KleanSlate!” 

Offering a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, KleanSlate is quickly becoming the go-to company for homeowners and business owners alike. Licensed, insured, and bonded, KleanSlate is also a member of ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International), the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and “top-rated” with Additionally, all of the KleanSlate employees wear a uniform and are held to the highest of standards. Whether you want a onetime clean before moving into a new residence or an event you are hosting, or you’re looking for a regular recurring service that you can depend on, KleanSlate is accommodating and eager to please. 

Let KleanSlate do the work! You’ll have more time to do the things you love and your home will be sparkling clean!

Let KleanSlate do the work! You’ll have more time to do the things you love and your home will be sparkling clean!

Dawn R. from Palm Harbor said, “Highly recommend. I called KleanSlate to come on short notice to help me catch up with my housework. They arrived on time and did an excellent job. I will definitely call them again, my house looked great!” 
KleanSlate offers an impressive suite of services for residential cleaning, from the basics that you might expect, to more detailed, time-intensive projects including linen services, home organization, pressure washing, tile and grout cleaning and more. Completely customizable, whatever your home needs, KleanSlate is ready. 
One homeowner said, “The work performed by KleanSlate was a blessing! They were very pleasant and focused on the task at hand. The top to bottom work that they did was long overdue, but they worked diligently and finished in the specified time. I would definitely hire them again, and I have recommended this company to several neighbors and friends already!” 
The first step is to call KleanSlate! Someone will schedule a time with you that is convenient to discuss your cleaning needs, and from there, you can consider it done! This meeting is important, so that everyone can get on the same page, such as defining specifically the scope of work that is desired, deciding on frequency, day of the week, time of day, and other details. 
Business owners and entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people on the planet, which is why hiring KleanSlate to clean your workplace is an excellent idea! KleanSlate is able to handle all scenarios, from corporate offices spaces to retail businesses. 
KleanSlate can come when your office is closed for the evening, and when you arrive at work the next morning after KleanSlate has been there, everything will be fresh and clean and ready for business when you are! Their commercial cleaning services include restocking of restrooms, floor cleaning and vacuuming, carpet cleaning, cleaning of break rooms/kitchens, clearing trash, dusting and wiping down of cubicles and more. 
Ahead of their time for a company of its kind, KleanSlate offers an online portal for clients, which increases communication and makes things easy. Customers can pay online and even leave specific requests like, “Clean it from top to bottom,” or “No need to clean guest baths this week.” Their commitment to excellence saves time, and makes it easy-especially for the many clients who prefer to have their homes cleaned while they’re away or at work. 
Joanie M. from Trinity shared, “I have found KleanSlate LLC to be thorough, reliable and professional in their cleaning. I would recommend them to anyone wanting a cleaning service for their residence and they do a wonderful job.” 
If you’re looking for an outstanding cleaning company that is experienced and dedicated, start fresh with KleanSlate. Do more of what you love, and leave the cleaning to the pros at KleanSlate Professional Cleaning Services. 

Join the KleanSlate Team! 

Due to the steady growth and the demand for KleanSlate’s service niche, they’re looking to hire additional qualified, energetic and experienced professionals who share the same high standards and truly enjoy cleaning and making customers happy. 

Katie and Joe, both of whom work for KleanSlate, said, “It’s really nice to work for somebody who really cares about his employees and his customers. He never rushes us – always emphasizes that the only acceptable result is a thorough job, no matter how long it takes. We are not timed, like some of the cleaning companies we’ve worked for in the past. It makes us happy to come to work every day!” 
So, if you’re a current or past cleaning professional, and are ready to bring you’re A-game every day, give KleanSlate a call to discuss options in joining their successful team. 

KleanSlate offers residential and commercial cleaning services all over the Tampa Bay Area. For more information, visit online or call 1-866-88-KLEAN, that’s 1-866-885-5326!

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  • Let KleanSlate do the work! You’ll have more time to do the things you love and your home will be sparkling clean!
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