Tarpon Woods Provides Loving Care for Your Four-Legged Babies

Published on 8 March 2018 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley


If you’re a pet mommy or daddy, you don’t want just anyone taking care of this four-legged extension of your family. You want someone who loves your fur-baby as much as you do.

At the family-owned Tarpon Woods Veterinary Medical Center, located at the corner of Tarpon Woods Boulevard and East Lake Road, just across Walgreens, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Pablo Schacht and their dedicated team are true animal lovers who will care for your pet the same way they would their own.

Dr. Sarah’s father was an OBGYN and she always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps into medicine. She combined her passion for medicine with her love of animals to open Tarpon Woods Veterinary Medical Center with her husband in 2010.  The doctors opened Tarpon Woods with the hopes of helping a thriving residential community take care of their pets.

“I’m very passionate about animals and think this was my calling,” she explained. “We’re very family-oriented and we treat your pet like it’s our family.”

Whether seeking wellness exams, vaccinations, treating medical conditions (such as diabetes, kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, ear and eye conditions, arthritis, thyroid problems…), parasite prevention (flea, ticks, etc.), or micro-chipping, the doctors provide compassionate and exceptional care to your pets in an office furnished with state-of-the-art medical equipment. These include digital dental radiographs along with traditional X-ray equipment, a surgical room that includes critical care monitoring (including EKG, pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring) and ICU equipment (IV fluids pump, circulating water blankets, Oxygen therapy). An isolation suite is available for pets that might have contagious diseases. Surgical procedures include reproductive surgery, spaying, neutering,  advanced dentistry, lacerations and abscess treatment, abdominal surgery (intestinal, bladder surgeries, abdominal exploratories), tumor/growth removals, and more.  They also offer bathing for cats and dogs.

While Dr. Sarah treats domestic cats and dogs, Dr. Pablo also treats exotic pets - reptiles, birds and small mammals like ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Dr. Pablo, Dr. Sarah’s husband, has a special interest in Veterinary Dentistry and provides advanced dental services including oral exams, cleaning and polishing, digital dental x-rays, advanced extractions and oral surgeries.

 “We are proud to offer advanced dentistry and preventive care. We educate clients as to the importance of dentistry since many dental issues that pets get could be prevented. We recommend bringing the pets at least once a year for an oral exam and a dental cleaning if needed. By doing this, we can help prevent gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth loss. Dogs and cats usually cannot tell us when they’re in pain. It is not uncommon after a treatment, for the owner to tells us ‘oh wow, he’s playing again. He was sleeping all the time and I thought that was just because he was old’. No, it was because he was unfortunately in pain for the last two years and no one noticed.”

In addition to causing your pets pain, long-term untreated dental issues can lead to heart, kidney and other serious problems.

“Catching things early to help your pet is a very rewarding part of what I do,” he said. “After a treatment, when they come back for a follow-up, you can see the dog’s personality is completely changed and the client is happy. It’s rewarding to make sure that pets have the highest quality of life possible.”

If a pet is too nervous to go to the vet’s office or transportation is an issue, if you live in the communities of Tarpon Springs, East Lake, Clearwater or Oldsmar, Dr. Sarah, Dr. Pablo and their staff make convenient house calls.

They offer home-based vaccinations, routine well pet check-ups, preventive care, blood work, non-emergency pet health issue care from the comfort of your own home.

“If your animal is sick, it’s probably better to come into the office,” said Dr. Sarah. “We always screen your pet, so if something is starting, we can address it right away.”

Tarpon Woods Veterinary Medical Center is located at 800 Tarpon Woods Blvd., Suite F 3, in Palm Harbor (across the street from Walgreens).  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8am-530pm, and Saturday 9am-1pm. For more information, please call (727) 771-0400 or visit TarponWoodsVet.com.  In emergency, clients can call (727) 742-4284, 24 hours a day.


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