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Published on 8 March 2018 in Business
Lisa Stephens (author)

Lisa Stephens

Candice Bakke and daughter Abby-wearing LuLaRoe fashions

Candice Bakke and daughter Abby-wearing LuLaRoe fashions

Independent fashion retailer Candice Bakke makes shopping a breeze for those in search of fashionable clothing. With comfort and quality a top priority, her LuLaRoe virtual boutique offers affordable clothing for the entire family.

Prior to becoming part of the LuLaRoe organization, Candice was a frequent shopper of the clothing line herself. “I loved the clothing and how each piece made me feel when I wore them,” she explained.  Out of curiosity, she began to research the company.  She admired the emphasis the company placed on family principles and values. Their business motto includes “where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are being improved and dreams achieved through love, purpose, confidence, trust and growth.”  

Late last year, Candice decided to become part of the organization and opened her own LuLaRoe virtual boutique on Facebook.  “This is a business that I can see growing with my daughter, Abby,” she said. “I believe strongly in the LuLaRoe products, the company motto and their dedication to giving back to the community.” 

According to LuLaRoe founder, DeAnne Stidham, she started the company to provide for her own children when she was a single mom trying to make ends meet.  Her first design was created when she made a maxi skirt for her daughter.  That single skirt led to forty orders from her daughter’s friends which led to home parties. In three days, she sold nearly 300 skirts!  

DeAnne saw an opportunity to create a way for women to be able to provide for their families while still raising small children.  The flexibility of the opportunity meant they could do both. She decided to bring family and friends on board to create a business to provide that opportunity for others. With the help of her husband, LuLaRoe was off and running.     

In September, 2017 Candice made an investment in her initial inventory package.  She learned how to run a business via Facebook and her dream of running her own business was coming true.  She takes pride in the customer service she offers to each customer with assistance in outfit development, online live sales and direct mail.  To grow her business and broaden the platform by which people can shop, Candice says there are many outlets she uses such as YouTube, Periscope and Instagram.  

For those in need of a fun ladies night out, she also offers home parties where she brings the collection to you for personal up close selection of the inventory. Her entire inventory usually includes anywhere from 1200 to 1500 pieces, depending on the time of year. The selection changes weekly so there is always something new to see!  If you see a print or pattern you really like, it is recommended you buy it quickly. Candice explained that there are only 2500 cuts of each individual pattern and then it is “retired.”  She offers a wide selection of styles for the entire family. LuLaRoe offers clothes for ladies, men and children. Sizes range from kids’ size 2 to men and women up to 3XL. One of the best selling items from the LuLaRoe line is the legging.  Incredibly soft fabrics and numerous patterns from which to choose make this item a customer favorite.  

Candice has her personal favorite piece as well.  “The new Maria Dress because it’s comfortable and be worn dressy or casual.  Versatility is certainly a common trait across the entire line.   “I love working with my customers to find their 'unicorn' and seeing pictures of them in their new clothes and hearing about how great they feel in them,” Candice shared. She also shared what she hears most from her customers. “They love the quality of the products, the consistent release of new styles and how they feel in the clothes.”

To ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with their purchase, Candice offers a return policy as well.  She offers a refund of the purchase price within 14 days of receipt of purchase on most new unworn merchandise.  Customer satisfaction is very important to Candice.  She adds, “If for any reason your purchase does not meet your expectations, we are committed to finding a solution that will bring you happiness and restore the confidence and value you hold in LuLaRoe.” A warranty is also included with each purchase.  It covers defects in materials and workmanship for six months from date of purchase.   According to Candice, it is her hope that each customer experiences the care that goes into the creation of each LuLaRoe piece and that customers will experience both confidence and comfort as they wear them. 

The LuLaRoe line cannot be found in stores.  Find your favorite styles and patterns today at Get it before it’s gone!     

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  • Candice Bakke and daughter Abby-wearing LuLaRoe fashions
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