Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge, Protecting the Interests of Clients in Pasco for 45 Years

Published on 20 November 2016 in News
Kim Thomas (author)

Kim Thomas


Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge P.L. (WW&D), is in its 45th year as a law firm in Pasco County and has been a valuable resource for many individuals and families in the area by providing exceptional legal counsel regarding estate planning, elder law and real estate law, as well as legal services that benefit businesses such as corporate matters, asset protection, and tax reduction strategies.

As our area continues to develop, it is good to know that the law firm that was one of the very first in the New Port Richey/Trinity Area is still standing strong and protecting the interests of an even broader scope of clients throughout Pasco, Northern Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge has fully staffed offices in Trinity and Palm Harbor and satellite offices in Carrollwood and Clearwater, making it very convenient for clients. There comes a time when everyone needs a lawyer to help protect them – whether it is for business and real estate matters, or personal matters such as wills and trusts, or most important, making sure wishes are known and followed as far as the care and guardianship of children in the event of the death of both parents. Not easy to think about, but it is irresponsible not to think of these things.

“I have worked with three generations of some families,” says Attorney David Wollinka, who joined his father’s law firm in 1987, after earning his Juris Doctorate degree in 1986 from University of Florida’s Levin College of Law. David’s father, Attorney Jerome Wollinka, started the law firm in a rented building in 1971 in New Port Richey, when the area now known as Trinity was farmland and pastures.

David chuckles remembering his first Christmas home from college when his dad recruited him to move the law office to its first “home” in Holiday, into a small building that they were proud to own – not rent – and where they stayed from 1980 until the spring of 2007 when Wollinka & Wollinka relocated to Trinity.

Together the father and son team had built a stellar reputation for their law firm, and as the community expanded, so did Wollinka & Wollinka, leasing a second office space in Palm Harbor in 1993 before building an office there in 2000. And in 2010, the law firm opened a satellite office in Carrollwood.

In 2011, Attorney Ryan A. Doddridge joined the firm and it became Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge.

Last year was a busy one for Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge, as they relocated their Trinity office into a brand new building in February 2015.

Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge continues to put their clients’ interests first, and is currently installing upgraded technology that better allows them to fully integrate the multiple of- fices, and the cutting edge technology makes their clients information more secure than ever.

Like David, a Florida native who graduated high school in Tarpon Springs, Ryan grew up with sand in his shoes from beautiful St. Petersburg. He’s also a Gator, having attended The University of Florida as well as Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law.

An asset to the firm and an asset to the community, Attorney Ryan Doddridge is proud to serve the community just as Jerome Wollinka did, as president of the West Pasco Bar Association, which is in its 50th year! Ryan also is a member of the Trinity Rotary Club, the Clearwater Bar Association, West Pasco Estate Planning Attorneys Association, West Pasco Real Estate Council, and the Suncoast Guardian Association.

He also recently served on the Board of the North Suncoast Estate Planning Council. Family is important to both of these attorneys, who have families of their own, and they truly understand what is at stake when helping families to protect their assets. Having worked with so many different clients throughout the years, they have seen what can happen when circumstances change and legal documents aren’t modified quickly.

Family dynamics change, and the decisions that were originally made may need to be changed as well and it’s important to notify your attorney. “Every five years, we offer free reviews to our clients where we discuss any change of circumstance and if there needs to be any changes in who you’ve designated as your fiduciaries. They also provide services with regard to Medicaid, incapacity planning, and special needs trusts, and much more.

Whether you’d like to make a simple will for your family, create a trust for your children, or divide a complicated estate, Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge can help you protect your wishes, your dignity, your legacy, and even minimize stress for your loved ones.

Another area of interest that Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge are keeping a close eye on for clients are the inevitable changes in tax laws that will happen regardless of who wins the Presidency. “We anticipate substantial changes to estate planning due to expected changes in the tax laws after the election,” says Attorney David Wollinka. “We have a list of clients that we are now identifying that may need an update to their documents.”

Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge, Your Ally in Real Estate, Corporate Matters & Asset Protection

With the growth in our area, there are many Real Estate transactions taking place and if you are considering buying, selling or leasing residential or business property, Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge should be on your radar.

“Oftentimes, if people would just reach out to us before signing documents, it could have saved them thousands of dollars,” says Attorney Doddridge. “With both buyers and sellers, one of the things we find is that people will avoid seeing an attorney even for basic information and it ends up costing thousands more because now they are in litigation rather than negotiation.”

Entrepreneurs work hard to build up their businesses, so it is imperative that those businesses are protected – that means separating your personal finances from your business finances, so that something that happens personally or at home doesn’t affect the business and vice versa. Many good people have lost more than their business from a lawsuit stemming from something that happened at their company. It’s best to be prepared, and to have attorneys like Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge at your side. While there’s no way to predict the future, they can help you protect your assets.

In addition to the attorneys at Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge, the staff is also knowledgeable and dedicated to clients.

Whether you’re looking towards the future, protecting what you have, or building a business, it’s important to have a reputable law firm by your side to represent you, protect your assets, and guide you through the complicated and changing laws.

Go with the law firm that has built its reputation by providing legal counsel backed by experience, integrity and dedication for 45 years – make an appointment with the attorneys at Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge.

Wollinka, Wollinka & Doddridge has multiple locations for your convenience. The main office is located at 10015 Trinity Blvd, Suite 101 in Trinity (phone: 727-937-4177). The fully staffed Palm Harbor office is located at 3204 Alternate 19 North (phone: 727-781-5444). The Carrollwood Satellite Office in Tampa is at 13801 N. Dale Mabry Highway (phone: 727-937-4177). The Clearwater office is located at 325 N. Belcher Rd. (phone: 727-781- 5444). Log on to www.wollinka.com for additional information.

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