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Published on 20 November 2016 in News
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl

Attending a recent SBA S.C.O.R.E. meeting is: Dennis Mitchell, SCORE Director; Mike Hills, SCORE Pinellas Insurance Advisor; Gill Byrd, Guest Presenter and former NFL Pro, and Cliff Sullivan; SCORE Director

Attending a recent SBA S.C.O.R.E. meeting is: Dennis Mitchell, SCORE Director; Mike Hills, SCORE Pinellas Insurance Advisor; Gill Byrd, Guest Presenter and former NFL Pro, and Cliff Sullivan; SCORE Director

Triton Insurance Group is changing the way local residents look at insurance. Why? One of the reasons is that Triton Insurance Group has working relationships with more than 33 top insurance carriers in the state of Florida. (That’s almost all of them!) That means that their customers can shop all of those companies at once by working with the experienced and easy-going staff at Triton Insurance Group. With the ability to see what each insurance policy costs across the board, Triton makes it easy to choose the policy that best suits each customer’s needs, and save money at the same time.

With Triton, customers get more options and more savings. Offering affordable rates on nearly every kind of insurance policy out there, Triton Insurance Group specializes in homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, auto insurance, umbrella, personal and commercial insurance. Triton Insurance Group is committed to partnering with their customers to find the best insurance policy for their individual needs. Mike Hills, Regional Vice President of Triton Insurance Group in Trinity, says, “Other companies can only offer you the best of their options. Their best may be the best from only one, two, maybe four or five companies.

We compare 33 out of the 36 companies total in the entire state, giving our customers a wider range of choices.” In fact, it’s shocking to see how wide the price range is for similar policies across the board.

Mike can quickly look up a home and demonstrate the scope in terms of pricing and coverage. For example, looking at a home that was built in 1968, down in St. Petersburg, the homeowner’s policies ranged from $900 to $5,000 a year. That’s a huge difference! Mike says, “We fit the best premiums, underwriting guidelines and needs of the customer together, and we find savings.”

Local clients, like Kim Acheson, are really happy to have found Triton Insurance Group. Acheson said, “Finally an insurance agent that looks out for their customers, instead of raising premiums year after year.

We’ve been with Mike Hills and Triton for over four years now and are thoroughly pleased. They continually try to maintain or lower our auto and home insurance rates.”

Let the Triton Family Take Care of Your Family With Triton, every file, every policy and every renewal is given the same attention that they would give to their own family members. Mike and his wife Sandy opened the Trinity Triton Insurance Group in 2008. Together, they work closely with clients to accommodate them individually. Their daughter, Tiffany Firlik, is an experienced Underwriter, who knows the ins and outs of insurance like the back of her hand. Together at Triton, they are replacing the cookie-cutter, one-size fits-all approach to insurance, and replacing it with more options and more savings.

They don’t stop there, the Triton difference goes beyond the broad range of options and prices, and becomes a personal relationship that clients can count on, because their family is working to take care of yours. Firlik says, “Come to us, you’ll get more than 32 Homeowner’s insurance quotes, and we offer 17 different auto insurance companies to choose from, including Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Progressive, Mercury and more. All the big names.”

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Mike Hills has always been a creative force and an entrepreneur. His first company was a scuba diving shop in Buffalo. Yes, that’s right, and he made it a success! It’s his down-earth approach that is so appreciated in the insurance business, as well as his dedication. Mike is a member of something called the East Lake C.E.R.T. Team (Community Emergency Response Team) in Palm Harbor.

This amazing organization provides community training in medical & first aid, search and rescue procedures, and more, to help prepare individuals in emergencies and disasters. On top of that, Mike is a Resource Advisor for S.C.O.R.E. (Service Core of Retired Executives), which offers education and resources to entrepreneurs in our area. Mike attributes his success in business to the efforts of Buffalo SCORE in 1985, saying, “If it wasn’t for S.C.O.R.E., my first business would have been a failure.” Now he takes part of this organization and pays it forward! Triton Insurance Group Supports Our Community! Mike and his wife, Sandy founded a local non-profit organization called H.E.L.P. Now LLC, aimed at helping the real people all around us who need help. Just a few months ago, the H.E.L.P. Now Project donated a $10,000 check to the widow and family of fallen officer, Charles Kondek, who lost in life in the line of duty. Mike says, “The H.E.L.P. Now Project is the vehicle to allow businesses, organizations and individuals to take an active and participating role in giving back to their communities and HELP change people’s lives.”

Recently promoted to Diamond Level by American Integrity Insurance, it’s the people they help every day that makes them feel most rewarded. Dedicated to the community and involved in charity work, the Hills family and Triton Insurance Group have already earned the respect of many in our area. Nearly 4000 customers in Trinity have already chosen Triton Insurance Group, so when it comes down to choosing a company to trust, Triton Insurance Group in Trinity is ready to give their customers more one-on-one time, more options and, of course, more savings.

To find out how much money you could be saving on your insurance:
Call Triton Insurance Group at 813-948-5987 or visit

Triton Insurance Group is located at 8824 BELAGIO Drive, in the Trinity Professional Center,
near the intersection of Mitchell Blvd. and Little Road in Trinity

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