From The Editor Kim Thomas - Happy Thanksgiving

Published on 20 November 2016 in News
Kim Thomas (author)

Kim Thomas

Happy Thanksgiving From Everyone At Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles

Happy Thanksgiving From Everyone At Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles

This year has slipped by so fast and it’s hard to believe that it is already time for the Holidays. We want to let our readers and our advertisers know that we really appreciate you. We are thankful for you. We are just as excited about sharing community events and giving you an inside look at the businesses who serve you, as we were when the first New & Lifestyles to serve East Lake rolled off the press almost nine years ago. With growth comes change, and we have definitely experienced both, especially in the past couple of years.

A recent name change, to the new Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles, for all seven of publications is representative of this publication’s growth, now in all three counties of the Tampa Bay Area, with coverage from South Tampa out to Land O’ Lakes, to East Lake in North Pinellas and Trinity in West Pasco.

It is an honor and privilege to help put this publication together, and personally, I am thankful to know and love the people I work for, the Selby and O’Reilly families, because they are honest, hardworking, and like the many small businesses that advertise with us, they put in long hours and plenty of sacrifice for the good of the company.

Our graphic artists are amazing and I am thankful that they can work their magic – once Dave made a Styrofoam food container disappear like magic from a photo an advertiser sent of a high-end kitchen.

Our art guys also are tech-smart and I am thankful for Tony, who has helped me get back online more times than I should admit! Our writers, some of whom have been with us since the first publication printed, keep the pulse of this publication strong and for them, I am eternally thankful for I couldn’t do my job without them.

Some of our writers have been writing for our advertisers since the first run of this paper – Julie Kanehl, Dara Tucker and my daughter Katie Thomas, and Marcy Sanford has been writing for us almost as long.

I hope they know how appreciated they are for their timeliness, work ethic and their true desire to help local businesses succeed. The remarkable thing, even though they all have other jobs and very busy lives, when they sit down with our advertisers, their focus is on the task at hand.

Dara Tucker recently let us know that due to her busy work schedule as a teacher and her girls’ busy after school schedules, that after eight years she wouldn’t be writing for us. But I am so thankful for those eight years that we had her and I hope Dara will send me some community interest stories! Please keep sending us your community events and uplifting news.

We are thankful to hear from you, East Lake residents! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles. We wish you a holiday season filled with joy and special moments with your loved ones.

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