Local hero launches his "Heavenly Heat" in Publix

Published on 30 November -1 in News
Matt Selby (author)

Matt Selby

Heavenly Heat

Heavenly Heat

Heavenly Heat wing sauce and marinade is fantastic! I may be a little biased because David Salo, the creator of Heavenly Heat, is a good friend of mine. But I think it’s the best stuff in the world! I currently have a bottle in my fridge, and I am not shy to use it on pretty much everything! Not only is the hot sauce an old family recipe that tastes amazing, but David’s story is even more incredible. So read on, because this will bring warmth to your heart, and your tastebuds...

First, let’s talk about how Heavenly Heat LLC was born! It all started with prayers, love and support from others. In 2012 a hot sauce owner by the name of David Salo was ready to move into the retail market and had been searching for the right person to help take him there. Little did David know at the other side of the state was Josie, a desperate yet hopeful mother praying for a way to pay medical bills and help her son Nathan survive. Nathan had been battling brain cancer that he was diagnosed with on August 28th 2012.

David and his family held a benefit for Nate to help with his medical bills and the event was a great success that helped the family pay off a large bill accumulated from the All Children’s Hospital. This was so helpful to Josie, Nate and his family. A fellowship of love, prayers and passion formed within the two families. Through conversations and listening to each other’s stories and goals David and Josie discovered they shared something more than just the goal of helping Nate. Josie worked in retail and had most of her life to David’s surprise. As David and Josie continued to discuss his current business plan they both realized that not only did God send David into their lives but by David doing an act of kindness, God also brought Josie into his life to help him achieve his goals. David’s goal was to be in retail grocery stores, yet was in several smaller grocery locations for years. David was soon to find out that his goal was larger than just grocery stores, it was to help others in need.

There are big plans for Heavenly Heat and Nate’s future because when it was all said and done David Salo gave Nathan Dodds 49% of his company to show his love for the cause. Not only will Nate have support for his medical bills, he will also have support and a career for his future. Nathan now even works at Publix, just like many local teenagers have before him. 

Well the moral of the story goes like this, do good and good will come to you. After almost 2 years “Heavenly Heat Wing Sauce and Marinade” was born. So, how did they come up with the name you ask? "Nate picked the word HEAVENLY because he felt God had brought David and him together, and HEAT because the sauce is not HOT, it just had a beautiful, flavorful heat with every delicious bite. In July 2014 we had our prayers answered and was granted a meeting with Publix in which we were able to get our product into 320 stores." David recalls.

It has been a long road for David, Josie and everyone involved. They have worked very hard to get this far and still have a long way to go, but they have more ideas and bigger plans for the company. "We believe it’s way bigger than us and this opportunity will give us, at Heavenly Heat, a way to give back to other children in need. The support we have had from our families and friends is astonishing. People believed in us and supported us through thick and thin and here we are," says David. 

Please support our local hero David Salo and Nathan Dodds by picking up a few bottles of Heavenly Heat today at your local Publix! Look for it in the meat section and if you can’t find it there then go ahead and ask the store manager for assistance!

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