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Published on 20 November 2016 in News
Marcy Sanford (author)

Marcy Sanford


Since opening two years ago Dance Excellence Ballroom has been helping people of all ages fulfill their dreams of elegantly gliding across the dance floor. “We have classes for all ages, all levels, and all interests,” says owner Stefan Dobrev. “We teach everyone: very successful CEOs who want to learn how to dance with their spouse, older adults looking for a fun way to exercise, singles who want to start a new activity, and children who are just learning to dance. The one common thing we hear from everyone is, ‘I wish I had started earlier.’”

Traci Cleary and Stefan Dobrev

Traci Cleary and Stefan Dobrev

If you, or someone you know, has always dreamed of learning the art of ballroom dancing, don’t waste anymore time, schedule an introductory class at Dance Excellence Ballroom where they will dance with you, talk to you about your goals and interests, and help find the best class for you. Located in Oldsmar at 3730 Tampa Road Dance Excellence Ballroom is a welcoming, fun place for anyone who is interested in learning how to ballroom dance. And thanks to Stefan, his wife and dance partner Traci, and the rest of the expert instructors, the students at Dance Excellence Ballroom have formed a supportive community. “Many of our students socialize outside of class or go to dinner after class. We also have socials and dances throughout the year so they have another way to practice and enjoy dancing and a formal end of the year banquet to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments.”

Classes for All Ages: Recently Dance Excellence Ballroom began offering classes for children. “We are the only studio in the area that offers classes for children,” said Stefan. “Not only are ballroom dance lessons a great physical activity for children but they also provide many great social lessons.” In addition to the physical benefit, ballroom dance lessons teach children manners, social skills, discipline, and communication skills while improving their coordination, creativity, and cognitive abilities. “Because you learn both roles in ballroom dance and have to reverse your steps, you work both sides of the brain”

Ballroom dance classes have the same benefits for older adults. “Many doctors recommend ballroom dance as a very good exercise,” said Stefan, “because it works out both your mind and body.”

According to Psychology Today, and several scientific studies the combination of exercise, social interaction, and concentration in learning a new skill increased levels of confidence and happiness. In addition, it has been shown that dancing also:

• Increases confidence • Decreases stress hormones and depression • Improves mood and physical health • Encourages mindfulness and self-awareness

Dancing is the hottest new medicine and it’s flying off the shelves! The BEST part is all you need is your body and some favorite tunes!

“Ballroom dancing is for everyone. You don’t have to be a superstar – but you can be if you want to. We take time to talk to our students so we know their goals. Our goal is to provide excellent service and dance lessons at all times. We want to help people learn how to dance and enjoy life.”

Dance Excellence Ballroom offers both private and group lessons. Private lessons can be tailored to your specific goals and needs. In the group lessons, you’ll still get personal attention and instruction from professional dance teachers but you’ll also learn how to dance in a group. Finally you can practice your moves at a practice party. You can take lessons with a partner or on your own.

Classes for Special Occasion Dances: In addition to social dancing, Dance Excellence Ballroom can help you train for competitive dancing or can teach you a dance for a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary. “We love working with couples to help them learn dances for special occasions. They can bring us the song they want to dance to and we will create a choreographed dance just for them. It can be as simple or as elaborate as they want. We can even have group lessons for the entire wedding party to learn a dance or dances. Our private dance parties are a great place for the couple to practice their dance in front of a group before the big day.”

Expert Dancers and Teachers: Stefan has won many awards and competitions during his more than 30-year dance career including Top Teacher in the Southeast region and National Top Teacher from the Casanave Awards. Many of the instructors at Dance Excellence Ballroom have won teaching awards. All are certified and licensed, train 5 days a week, and take recertification classes every 6 months. The teachers come from various dance backgrounds but all share a love of ballroom dance and the desire to help others learn.

Perfect Holiday Gift: If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or friend this holiday season, consider giving them a gift certificate to Dance Excellence Ballroom. It may be the best gift they ever receive.

Dance Excellence Ballroom is located in the Oldsmar Plaza at 3730 Tampa Road, Suite 7. They are open Monday through Friday 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information about group or private lessons or dance parties, visit or call 813- 814-0099.

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