Pinnacle Travel’s Destination Highlight: Alaska

Published on 11 July 2017 in Business
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Pinnacle Travel is located at 800 Tarpon Woods Blvd., Ste C-1 in Palm Harbor. Hours:  M–F, 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m. and 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Sat. (or by appointment). Call 727-330-2092 or log on to Walk-ins are welcome! Alaska as a travel destination offers natural and cultural history that is rich and diverse, making it a premier travel destination. Pinnacle Travel in Palm Harbor is proud to say that Alaska sells out every year as more and more people are discovering this beautiful state. Now is the time to start looking at travel to Alaska in 2018, to ensure the best pricing, cabin location, resort reservations and flight options.

Alaska offers something for everyone: Inuit culture, nature, fishing, ziplining, historic train ride, rafting, helicopter up onto a glacier and so much more. Alaska boasts having eight amazing National Parks, which one can experience by land and sea. A cruise along Alaska’s coastline offers views of emerald forests, snow-capped peaks and dramatic glaciers.  

People often ask, when is the best time to travel to Alaska? Each month offers different benefits and different views. Alaska’s visitor season is from mid-May to mid-September and due to this limited travel period, reserving early is key to ensure the experience you are seeking.

Did you know doing only a cruise to Alaska allows you to see a mere 1% of this amazing state? Pinnacle Travel recommends a cruise plus a trip to Alaska’s interior as the best way to see all the state has to offer and they are ready to help you with your itinerary.  

Navigating the variety of choices based on your individual travel style, budget and destination wish list is what they do best at Pinnacle Travel.  

Your trip planning starts with your travel consultant at Pinnacle Travel – experienced, certified Alaska travel planners who have experienced Alaska firsthand.

Allow them to help create a truly memorable and seamless journey for you to Alaska helping you navigate the plethora of choices you have for how to travel – cruises, cruise tours (land and sea journeys), and land tours extending into the interior of Alaska. 

Alaska is a great family, kid-friendly, couple, multi-generational and group travel destination. Knowing what kind of trip you should choose to meet your expectations and needs is why you need a travel consultant to help you. Not only do you need to decide whether you want to do a cruise, land, or combination vacation, but you need to decide whether you want to go northbound from Vancouver, southbound from Whittier, or roundtrip from Seattle. Then if you decide to include land, you need to decide which parts of Alaska you want to visit.

And, finally, you need to decide which excursions and activities to do while you are there. The choices definitely can be overwhelming and understanding the pros and cons of each choice is important to make the best vacation decision.Pinnacle Travel will ask this:  “If you were only going to go to Alaska one time in your life, what is it you wish to do and see while there?” Pinnacle Travel’s consultants can help you navigate the myriad of choices and make recommendations based on your wishes! If traveling to Alaska is on your wish list, bucket list, or visit-all-50-states list, then start with a call or visit to your friendly travel consultants at Pinnacle Travel.

Let your Alaskan adventure begin today!

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