Serving our Community Since 1998, Done Rite Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum Roofing Contractor

For nearly two decades, Done Rite Roofing has been a leading roofing company, serving homeowners and business owners in our area with excellent service, innovation in roofing products, and dedication to quality workmanship.  Done Rite Roofing’s customers have brought them many referrals through the years and have praised the company’s hard work and integrity, helping Done Rite Roofing to gain recognition and the respect of the community they serve.

Save Time and Money with Grout Tech

Before you spend thousands of dollars remodeling and re-tiling your bathroom or kitchen be sure to call Grout Tech for a FREE estimate on cleaning or repairing old dingy tile and grout. Grout Tech can breathe new life into your existing tile work, making everything shine like new at a fraction of the cost. Grout Tech is a family owned business serving Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Grout Tech specializes in cleaning and sealing tile and grout, recoloring grout, re-caulking showers and tubs, and repairing grout and broken tiles.

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Summer in Florida … hot, humid, and a great time to prepare for the SAT and ACT Exams with available time and the new SAT Exam on August 26th, and first ACT Exam on September 10th.Rising seniors like having the time to really focus and study with results known early in the fall. If strong, then no further prep or tests are needed; if not quite what desired, there is time to take it again. Rising juniors like to see how well they can do, plus this is a perfect time to prep for the PSAT in October and have the best shot at a national merit scholarship. 

Rising sophomores like the preparation, especially those aiming for “Top 25” or “Top 10” colleges and universities and possibly major scholarships. Some very good news is that the SAT finally gave in to pressure and added an exam in August.  Results will be back in time for UF admissions the first of November and applications for early admission to other colleges and universities, which has been a major problem with the SAT in prior years.The first ACT Exam of the fall is always scheduled for the early September.I have many options for summer preparations.

First, my prep classes can be taken individually, or the SAT and ACT can be combined which saves 15 class hours from taking them separately because of their overlapping material.

My classes can start in June after the last ACT exam on June 10th, or in July or early August, depending upon whether a student wants to take one or two classes a week, and how we need to schedule around family vacations, jobs, or other time requirements. Make sure and check when your high school begins classes in early August because they keep starting earlier and earlier each year.Classes can be private or semi-private, and my maximum class is three students. Often, students have friends or “study buddies” they would like to prepare with. I do like to schedule our Dress Rehearsal Exam and follow-up Review shortly before the actual exam.

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Tech Talk With Bob The Computer Guy

Greetings Friends… My name is Bob Dalles, better known as Bob The Computer Guy.  

My goal is to help my readers better understand computer systems, wired and wireless networks, information technology (IT) devices like phones and pads; and most importantly, keeping you as safe as possible when you interact with the internet and other networks.

A little bit about me.  I want you to know that you are dealing with an individual who draws on decades of experience and sincerely wants to share this knowledge with you.  

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Get Your Shine On at Luxury Auto Spa!

It's Summer in Florida, and yes, it's rainy season, but on those hot summer days, your car could use some love! Especially if your car or truck is like mine, it’s in need of some love every other week! I’m sure many of you have been putting off a true inside and outside detail of your vehicle as well but don’t wait another minute! I found some guys that will keep your car looking amazing for a truly affordable price, especially with the current 20% off deal they are running! The hands-on detailing provided by Luxury Auto Spa located on Tampa Road provides bumper-to-bumper, carpet-to-headliner, sidewall-to-sidewall cleaning. Luxury Auto Spa’s family and friend operated business has quickly made a name for itself in Tampa Bay for being the premier auto detailer in the area! “We like to say treat it as if it was your mother’s car,” owner Brian Lopez says. Treating not only the customers’ cars as if they belonged to a special family member, but the customers themselves like family – this is the culture of Luxury Auto Spa!


Vetture’s Restaurant and Pizzeria Celebrates 17 Years! Eat, Enjoy and Join the Vetture’s Family!

Vetture’s Restaurant and Pizzeria is a local favorite and has been since opening its doors seventeen years ago! Located on East Lake Road in the Brooker Creek Shopping Plaza, Vetture’s is famous for their delicious pizzas, mouth-watering classic Italian cuisine, fantastic prices and family atmosphere. Here, you are more than a customer; you are part of the Vetture’s family.

Pinnacle Travel’s Destination Highlight: Alaska

Alaska as a travel destination offers natural and cultural history that is rich and diverse, making it a premier travel destination. Pinnacle Travel in Palm Harbor is proud to say that Alaska sells out every year as more and more people are discovering this beautiful state. Now is the time to start looking at travel to Alaska in 2018, to ensure the best pricing, cabin location, resort reservations and flight options.


Governor Scott approved the state budget in June 2nd which included increasing the Florida Academic Scholars award to over $6,000 a year plus pay for some additional college expenses. It was around $3,000 a year.

The difficulty in most students qualifying for this award that I see most often is their not being able to score 1290 or above on the SAT, or a 29 and above on the ACT. Most of my students do not have great difficulty qualifying wth GPA, volunteer service hours, and other general requirements.

My experience is that many students in IB, Cambridge, honors, and other levels in public, and private high schools can have very high GPAs (4.0 and higher), but just not score well on either of these standardized exams. This syndrome common at all levels of academic accomplishment, but most prevalent in the higher ranges.

Helping potentially high-scoring students requires a little different type of tutoring from students in the 25 ACT Composite - 1100 SAT Superscore range, or from students in the 20 ACT Composite - 1000 SAT Superscore range. While the techniques, fundamentals, and in many cases the mental approaches are similar, their application in my classes varies.

For example, recently I had a high-scoring student who could not get his ACT score in Science above 25. All other scores were around 30, so his composite was still too low for the top level Bright Futures award despite a 5.2 GPA. When we finished with my “up to the ceiling” tutoring, he scored a 32 on the Science. In fact, Science is one of the easiest sections on the ACT exam to “kick through the roof”. (The second highest potential section is Grammar.) With a high-scoring student, often I use several different Reference Books to find the most difficult test questions for practice.

Another successful technique is preparing for “curve balls”. A curve ball is a seldom encountered, difficult question and can come in any test section … althought these are most prevalent in the Math section. As a baseline, any question that a student does not know how to do is hard … and most students do not know how to handle these curve balls. So I have students scour different Reference Books specifically looking for curve balls, and we work on as many as we can.

One key area for improvement at all levels is avoiding what we call “silly mistakes” (SM’s), which include falling into traps that the test designers set up, misreads, and misunderstandings. It is not unusual for students to make five to ten SM’s in our baseline testing because, at that point, they do not understand how a test “thinks” and students are either pressing to go too fast, or going too slowly … in other words, out of their best “speed and concentration zone” to get their best score.

Does it surprise you that a test “thinks”? It does because people who think design the tests, determine what is correct and incorrect, and set up tricks and traps in questions. The more my students understand how this works, the better they will be able to spot traps coming, avoid them with special techniques they are not taught in school, and have a higher “guessing percentage” when they can narrow options to two possible answers.

The difference between a 32 and a 36 on the ACT Math can be getting four more questions correct. The difference between a 32 and a 29 is missing four more questions. So there is not much room for error when shooting for top scores. The same basic rule applies to SAT tests also.

Most parents and students do not know that Bright Futures will (as of this writing) “cherry pick” scores to give students the highest possible average for qualifying. This means they will take the highest scores in each test section, ACT and SAT, and average them. For college applications, usually colleges will allow this only with the SAT, although some do it for the ACT as well.

If You Would Like To Talk More About How I Can Help Your Student, please contact me at 727-253-0639 or at

Dr. Wayne Adams is one of the leading SAT and ACT tutors in the country.  His students normally improve 200 – 350 points on the Writing, Reading, Writing and Essay, and Math, and 4 – 7 points on the ACT composite. They have been admitted to eight of the top ten universities in the country, seventeen of the top twenty-five, and many schools in Florida. These schools include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, U Chicago, Duke, U Penn, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Notre Dame, Emory, UC Berkley, UCLA, USC, UNC (Chapel Hill), NYU, Northeastern (Boston), Boston College, Georgia Tech, Air Force and Merchant Marine Service Academies, Penn State, LSU, Auburn, UF, U Miami, FSU, USF, UCF, Florida Atlantic, Florida Gulf Coast, FIU, New College of Florida, Stetson, and  Julliard – Manhattan - New England - and Berkley Conservatories of Music. Many have received academic, athletic, or music scholarships. This year, he also tutored three juniors who scored at the national merit finalist/semi-finalist levels on the most recent PSAT. He is a former Dean of a Graduate School of Business and Full Professor, and began college teaching at the University of Maryland in 1968. He has degrees and advanced studies at Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, Columbia International, and Luther Rice.


Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds – Style and Service for Every Budget!

To find the best window covering, one must take into consideration many variables: whether or not privacy is a concern, what type of natural lighting is desired, what style is desired, and what budget do you have to work with?  Roxana Rotaru, owner of the local franchise of Budget Blinds, and her team are experts at helping her clients find what they are looking for and if there is one thing she wants you to know about Budget Blinds, it’s that “budget” comes into the name, not because Budget Blinds offers only inexpensive choices; rather, there are so many choices with this company that there is style and service to fit your budget from inexpensive to high-end elegance.  

From the average homeowner looking for great quality and superior service to the homeowner needing window treatments for a multimillion-dollar home, Budget Blinds has a solution for every window and literally thousands of choices. The local Budget Blinds serves all of North Pinellas County and is located on S. Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs, but customers rarely have to visit because they bring the store directly to their customers.  

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Albert Family Orthodontics, Where Beautiful Smiles are Always in Style!

When your child’s permanent teeth start coming in and they aren’t lining up as they should, don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best when looking for an orthodontist. Garnering fantastic reviews from his patients, Jeremy Albert, DMD, MS is a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, and has been in private practice since 2003.

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